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The Freeze Method

One thing I understand now more than ever is, Vision. Vision puts a demand on your potential, your dreams and your destiny. Many times interruption happens, derailment settles in and you find yourself adapting to your environment and circumstances.  What was once normal becomes abnormal.  The teens years are like baby cabbage.  In that state you can open it and put whatever you want into the cabbage.  But once that cabbage matures you will have to crack it to open it.  That's what I was, a cracked young man, and that's what we are seeing in this generation.  But there's hope!

F.R.E.E.Z.E. is all about preserving something important for a later season, date and time.  If many knew their dreams were achievable and would come to true they would F.R.E.E.Z.E. those things and moments that we so often forfeit.  My mother after a divorce and single, raising three kids, working two jobs to make ends meet there wasn't a lot of time for cultivation.  So you find yourself gravitating towards things and being influenced by individuals and circumstances that are not promising.  Not that everything was wrong or horrible, but as I mentioned, Vision puts a demand on your potential.  When we adopt the vision of others, though you may be able through your gifts, talents and abilities to do it, and follow it, your potential is now focused in a area opposite your dreams or and your destiny.

70% of my pain, disappointments, frustration and grief was because I adopted another vision for my life that I couldn't live up to.  So to that I encourage you to F.R.E.E.Z.E.  

F - fix your heart and mind on the make up of who YOU are and no one else.

R - run the risk to be different and respect and believe who God created you to be.

E - pour all your efforts, time and resources into the process and journey.

E - supply the necessary energy and find someone who is successful where you desire to be and work the principles they used to become successful.

Z - beware of zeros!  Zeros steal your time, zeros steal your desire, zeros steal your focus and last zeros steal your destiny!

E - your effectiveness is based on your ability to download.  God will place the right people on your destiny track.  You have to be able to download or a better phase would be accept and receive constructive criticism.

Listen you will eventually arrive at your destination.  There are things that happen in life that are beyond our control, but the things we can influence let's freeze them so at the appointed time when its needed and called for it can be what it was destined to be.

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